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  • Si no sanamos, no avanzamos

    Experiencing Guatemala through a student lens

    Nicky Cuevas, is a great friend of Seres. She travelled to Guatemala to get in touch with our project. She just wrote a letter to her friends explaining her experience. It’s always amazing to receive this kind of email, so we decided to share it with you. “Dear Friends, I don’t normally do this, but I am


    What we’ve learned from our first crowd fund experience

    People who dream about a different world often don’t have another way of discovering their path other than just going out and doing it. We call it making the path by walking. For many fellow change makers and pioneering leaders, you’ll know just what this is like: that fine line between being “ready”, and just

  • Guided Tour (55)

    From 6′ to 30,000′: grassroots activism with strategic thinking for a sustainable future

    The award ceremony for the UNESCO-Japan prize on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) could definitely be considered one of SERES’ highlights for 2015. All that we believe in and work for – providing opportunities for unlikely leaders to lead the way towards a sustainable future – was culminated in the moment that SERES facilitator Abigail

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    Glenda Xulú: “SERES is like a trampoline”

    Glenda Xulú is one of the leaders of the SERES network. She is from Patzún, Guatemala, and was at San Juan del Obispo for our ESD Leadership Training Program. We took advantage of the lunch break to ask her a few questions about the training. Her answers filled up with hope. How did you first discover or

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    Letter From Antonio And Abigail To Seres Family

    Queridos amigos, Recently, we (Antonio and Abigail) were selected to be part of the first generation of the Latin American Academy of Socio-Environmental Leadership (ALLSA). The academy, held in the highlands of Jarabacoa in the Dominican Republic, was one of the most life-changing experience we have lived. Twenty seven young leaders and academics drawn together from across the