What does SERES mean for the youth of Guatemala and El Salvador?


Myka Wilson

SERES ambassador and 2016 youth board representative (GT)

“SERES is a source of local support to empower young people who have a hidden passion…For me [it] means working together, in that it opens different doors of opportunity within my life. When I didn’t know about SERES, I didn’t know my reality and that of my community. Today it is reflected regularly in the level of leadership that I have. I represent youth at the municipal level and also in the network of youth ambassadors in Guatemala.

“[SERES] is important because there are many young people that ignore what is happening around them, and for lack of integrity and equality in the community, they have not been able to empower themselves and know what they are capable of. With SERES programs, those buried seeds in the communities have awoken.


Wilson Sánchez

SERES ambassador and 2016 youth board representative (ES)

For youth, SERES represents a sense of family, a new way to learn different things in a creative and fun way.

SERES means a lot in my life – it’s like a rediscovery of myself and other people. It is speaking with confidence, in a circle of friendship, learning, transformation, and personal growth. I get to transmit all of this to other people. It is that place of confidence, the most fundamental.

[SERES programs] are important because they are empowering programs, more than anything in  the way that they facilitate and the people who facilitate them. With these programs we transform the reality of youth. It motivates them and it awakens them to work for the good of their community. 


Julio Tojín Vásquez

SERES ambassador (GT)

“One of the things that I noticed the most were the tools that SERES gives to us that we’re able to replicate in our communities.

“The tools are, for example, ‘How to elaborate a strategic plan, to implement our action plans?’ How to grow our youth group in our movements – movements of young people that we have in our communities. SERES gave us these tools to be able to create growth, to elaborate strategic plans, and to be entrepreneurs.”