“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”   ~ Margaret Wheatley

Communiversity Learning Journey

16539667744_3417504011_kThe SERES Communiversity Learning Journeys provide empowering opportunities for young people to engage as leaders in tackling today’s sustainability crisis.

The Communiversity Learning Journey is a place-based learning experience that brings together young leaders from geographically distinct but highly interdependent regions, providing a safe space for authentic engagement, personal transformation and leadership development. As global citizens, whose coming of age is marked by a time of unprecedented challenge and uncertainty, these learning journeys helps participants develop a critical framework for understanding local-global solidarity and provides them with not just the knowledge but also the skills, attitudes and values required to transform this time of challenge and uncertainty into an opportunity for peace and prosperity.

During the learning journey, participants engage with youth counterparts from diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds, diving deeply into the complex political, economic, environmental and social challenges that make up the modern sustainability crisis.


Level 1 Sustainability Leadership Facilitator Training – photo journal from March, 2015

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