• “Unlearning” Entrepreneurship

    With much curiosity, wanting to discover what is not yet seen Dreams Persist A lot of young people want to do something different, leave a mark and be remembered. Some of us have dreams, some make it happen, and some don’t, with the same old excuse: “There are no economic

  • Meeting of Youth Peace-Builders in Colombia

      Connecting as agents of change and architects of peace SERES was part of a youth conference Oct. 27 – 29 in Montería, Colombia, where we had the opportunity to share with other Latin-American organizations supported by the Inter-American Foundation, and learn about social intervention methodologies to face violence that

  • “This is the Footprint We Will Leave”: Building a Nursery in Chuacacay

    As a group, we will tell you our story… We had the opportunity to participate in the community congress in June of 2015; it was very impactful for us to see and hear about the pollution throughout the world, and to realize that in our community we have a lot

  • Earth Healers!

    “Young leaders of El Salvador and Guatemala alert to change, learning and un-learning about Permaculture as a new resilience system” Susana Ruiz, SERES ES facilitator Permaculture as a life philosophy applied, being in us and with us. It seeks a paradigm shift and a system design for a sustainable environment.

  • How much do teenagers of El Salvador know about Human Rights?

    María Esperanza Rivas, ambassador of the program SERES, tells us her experience, that began in a classroom at the University of El Salvador. Central America is characterized as a region with constant violations of Human Rights, seriously violating their citizens’ security, the constitutional and social state of law, and Economic,