• Book Review: How Do You Know That?

    How Do You Know That? A Whole New Playbook for Making Strategy Happen By Diane Neuhauser Having had the pleasure of getting to know Diane Neuhauser when she lived in my neighborhood in San Pedro el Alto near Antigua, Guatemala before she moved back to the States, I was delighted

  • Reflections from Behind the Camera: Storytelling for Change

    From camel festivals in India, to inside of an ambulance in San Salvador, you can find Maho Irigoyen and David von Blohn, the dynamic duo behind On the Road Media, almost anywhere in the world, filming and editing visual stories with aesthetic excellence and perceptive insight into social issues, and the

  • Exhanging ideas with ADESJU

    SERES-ADESJU Exchange of Experiences Did you know that a group of 10 young women from Huehuetenango were able to achieve a sum total of 5,000 quetzales as a loan bank for their community for one year? How do they do it? This was one of the most inspiring experiences that

  • Book Review: Parachuting Cats into Borneo: And Other Lessons from the Change Café

    Parachuting Cats into Borneo: And Other Lessons from the Change Café By Axel Klimek and Alan AtKisson, 2016. Yes! It’s true. In the 1950s the World Health Organization (WHO) supported a call to create positive change in Borneo by parachuting 14,000 cats into the country! With their somewhat surprising arrival,

  • SERES Spotlight: Wilson Sánchez, El Papaturro, El Salvador

    Inspiring and Transforming Youth The Northern Triangle, made up of the countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, is a region that has many natural resources and a great diversity of cultures. But perhaps its most important resource is…Youth! More than 52% of the population is under the age of