• Youth Leading the Way in Uspantán

    Persevering, Creating Change Despite Challenges Various youth have grand visions, visions that give hope, motivate, and inspire everyone to be part of those changes that we want to see in our communities. Their great hopes for making a better, more resilient, just, equal, and sustainable community are admirable because there

  • Meet Our New Board Members for Asociación SERES!

    At the end of March, 22 youth leaders from Guatemala and El Salvador, the SERES team, and members of the new directive board gathered together for a weekend to connect, reflect, and work on defining their vision for the future of SERES. Throughout this weekend, youth leaders elected their representatives

  • Suchitoto, Awake for the Earth

    On April 22nd, communities, towns, and cities around the world celebrated International Earth Day. What does this event mean for the world, and for the community of Suchitoto in El Salvador, where many members of the SERES ambassador network live and work? The history and international context of Earth Day

  • Onset and Get On Board for a More Sustainable Future

    An inside look at how Earth Deeds founder and CEO Daniel Greenberg developed the model of carbon onsetting Daniel Greenberg’s ultimate goal for Earth Deeds, the online carbon onsetting venture he began five years ago, is that one day it becomes redundant. Greenberg wants the concept of carbon onsetting to

  • The Fight for the Right to Water in Suchitoto, El Salvador

    An Active Generation, Creating Changes As part of a campaign for the approval of a law for integrated water management in El Salvador, the forum “Water, public patrimony and life in Suchitoto” took place this past March 31st in the Alejandro Cotto theater, where more than 370 people gathered. They