• Creation of environmental committee at El Salvador’s La Paz department

    Last 9th of May, SERES opened the 4th Youth Leaders for the Pachamama congress. The 2015 session took place in El Salvador. It was held at a beautiful community from San Juan Nonualco’s municipality in La Paz department. San Antonio La Laguneta’s community is located on the slopes of San

  • Young Leaders of Cantel/Local Impact and Changes

    By Abigail Quic The critical analysis made by the young leaders astonishes me. I see that on the list of their greatest concerns is: water shortage; deforestation and loss of biodiversity; and climate change. I’m bowled over by the fact that they have reached the same conclusions as the scientists

  • Looking to create impact?

    As an organisation that prides itself on being for-impact (creating benefit for society through our work), this is what sets the bar for any of our activities. Yet as we and many other not-for-profit organizations that are now being asked this very same question have found out, measuring impact –

  • Empowering Action, Overcoming Fear

    I recently had the privilege of being invited to attend the Aspen Action Forum, an annual event offered every July in Aspen, Colorado. Hosted by the Aspen Institute, the Forum is a unique gathering place that, in the words of Peter Reiling, Executive Vice President of Leadership and Seminar Programs

  • Compassionante People, Compassionate Planet

    SERES was recently involved with the Global Compassion Summit, held at UC Irvine on July 6-7, 2015  to celebrate the 80th birthday of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. Of the various events help events to highlight the different areas in which His Holiness has had great impact on bringing compassion to the world,