Susana Ruiz

What inspires you to be a positive influence in the world?

We are what we give ourselves to in body and soul, I think we can do the change, we are the only refuge for nature. An entire new cycle depends from us, our community. I want to be a positive influence, and influence others to do great things. You cannot reap what you didn’t sow, and that’s why I want to sow my time, energy, passion and hopes for a better world today.

What combination of talents and passion you offer as a Local Ambassador for SERES?

I have learned that a leader does not force, but shows the way to others so they can go together. What I can offer is my passion for leadership, and my knowledge to empower everyone else with love for a different world, a mind that wishes to fight and conquers fear.

What inspires you to invest time and energy as a Local SERES Ambassador?

When you find what makes you happy, you give more time and energy to it, you pour out your passion, love and future on it. Seeing a different world is what inspires me.

If you could change anything from our reality, what would you change and why?

I plan on telling everyone what I want to do, and I know there will always be someone who will help me, I want to change the way of thinking, seeing reality with a positive and open mind, I want to inspire people with my example and be a motivation for everyone.