Rowan Peck (Australia)

I believe that humans are a major determinant of the coherence of our planet; we will be the ones who decide whether Earth prospers or fails. I believe in the ideal of Gaia. I believe each of us is able to make  a difference, and look for opportunities that support my ability to do exactly that.

SERES is such an opportunity. People engaged with the community to raise their awareness of context and capability.

My role to date has been to provide strategic guidance to SERES, and I’m very proud to be able to step back and see everything SERES has achieved, and is likely to continue to achieve. I bring to the table a business oriented thinking which channels the passion of others on sustainable paths towards SERES mission.

In May 2013, I was able to be part of a youth congress for the first time. I’d seen the photos and heard the stories from congresses for several years up until then. To be there as it all unfolded, to watch as the youth grew outside themselves into future leaders; that was truly inspiring and reminded me that each of us really CAN make a difference. Whether a contribution is a few dollars or a few hours (or many), it all builds community capacity towards a better future for each of us. I’m reminded that the future of my world here in Australia is just as dependent on success locally as the successes that the rest of the world experiences.