Mary Beth Flemming (USA)

What inspires me to make a positive difference in the world is our children. They fill me with wonder, compassion, love and motivate me to live for the now. When I look into their bright shining eyes I see hope for the future, I see little warriors on a mission of action and change in the name of love. They encourage me to be all that I can be and do all that I can do for the good of humanity, the environment and the planet as a whole!

I am extremely passionate about both the environment and our youth. As a nature enthusiast I work to re-connect people with their environments. Building a relationship to place is of utmost importance to me and facilitating in the process of discovering our interconnectedness is one of my greatest joys. As a student and teacher of many different health and environmental disciplines, I thrive in collaborating and creating with others whom seek to make positive change for the greater good. My goal in life is to empower blossoming leaders to take charge of their lives and help them to bring forth their amazing and needed talents so they can share their gifts with the world.

I am inspired to invest my time and energy as a Global Ambassador for SERES because I believe in the work that SERES is doing to bring about an emergence of sustainable communities that harmoniously work within biodiverse circumstances. SERES is a purposeful organization and its emphasis on heart filled leadership and empowered education gives me great hope. I see the positive change SERES is making, at a rapid rate, and thus I am encouraged to participate in the change that is taking place now. SERES has a clear mission but isn’t afraid to walk in un-treaded waters and thus I feel that the benefits SERES spreads across communities will continue to make exponential impacts for the better.