Cesar Recinos

What inspires you to be a positive influence in the world?

The greatest treasure that a village can have is its youth, because there is the energy of its generation.

Every time I have the opportunity to exchange ideas or information with another young person or group, it fills me with joy to see so much potential. I have met young timid persons and have seen their personal transformation when they show their skills and qualities that makes them a leader and a role model. And when these stories are told they inspire other young people.

My biggest inspiration and one of the reasons why I continue this path is to make connections with them and provide them with tools so they can develop themselves to the maximum with the necessary skills to achieve their vision of a sustainable and  healthy community and able to respond to the present challenges and those in the future. When I hear someone say how much they admire a young person, I think how it would be to combine wisdom, experience and collaboration of adults with the energy of young people.

What combination of talents and passion you offer as a Local Ambassador for SERES?

I am really passionate about nature and working to preserve and live in harmony is how I found this path. I started this journey of learning and experiences I have called “the experience of my life” and here is where I discovered that to make the changes that I wanted I needed a more comprehensive vision and skills, that is where I began to become aware of the world of leadership that I like very much, as well as connections with like-minded people, to share my experiences, and look for areas to strengthen my abilities by facilitating some processes, and this is what I will keep doing and enjoying.

What inspires you to invest time and energy as a Local SERES Ambassador?

The young people I have met in my work have inspired me, such as their history and ideas of change for the communities where they live and where they move. I feel much hope and happiness to know that they are looking for these skills, knowledge and relationships to strengthen themselves and be better at what they do and that there are people who are willing to work in these projects because they believe in what they do. That inspires me to work in this, so I can unite them and thus further our vision to create resilient, sustainable and empowered communities where we all live in harmony with nature in a fairer and happier world.

If you could change anything from our reality, what would you change and why?

I have always imagined what life would be if all human beings who live on this planet where happy and lived in peace with one another.

I would change the situation of freedom in these countries that worries me, so that young people have the freedom to show the world their abilities and visions by sharing this with their peers without fear that something bad might happen when they leave home.

Right now I am trying to share ideas and areas with different people, where we can develop abilities and skills to be leaders in our town and country, and thus show that there are young people with a vision to improve the world, with the energy and willingness to work towards a personal change and within their community