Alejandra Caceres

What inspires you to be a positive influence in the world?

My best inspiration is the motivation that the work that has been done with my community leaves me. Knowing that we are able to change history, if we want, and we only require to give the first step to transmit it with love to every one else.

What combination of talents and passion you offer as a Local Ambassador for SERES?

My passion is to motivate people and make them conscious, through creativity , that we all have a commitement and that is to find harmony with nature and ourselves.

What inspires you to invest time and energy as a Local SERES Ambassador?

Being an active part of the change that’s needed in our region is the best investment of time. I’m still young today, and I must learn to use the energy in something that’s good, something that I love and that makes me happy.

If you could change anything from our reality, what would you change and why?

I wish I could change many things, like the superficial meaning we have of love. If we as humans really understood what love is, everything would be different in all our society, in our relationship with nature and ourselves, and that would lead us to a real happiness and we would be grateful.