Alba Aguilar

What inspires you to be a positive influence in the world?

Since I was a teenager I adopted two quotes, phrases in my life and I’ve been trying to make them a reality; “There’s only one life, you have to spend it right” Chiara Lubich; and “Leave the world in better conditions than the ones you found” Robert Baden Powell. A firm belief that everyone has a big mission in this world has lead me to explore different realities and different scenarios, and that has given me a chance to know, learn, share and live with a lot of people with whom I’ve been able to make initiatives to make a better environment, knowing that my actions can benefit or at the same time affect more people in other places. I’ve been spreading passion to make lives better, make people more positive for 17 years now; young and old have been expectators and also protagonists of a process full of action and the power of will. And even though the result is not inmediate, through years you can see a significant change and that’s what fills my life with magic, to continue making new ways.

What combination of talents and passion you offer as a Local Ambassador for SERES?

Perseverance, will, creativity, work experience with youth are the ingredients I can offer as a local Ambassador, and with that, we can make SERES mission grow.

What inspires you to invest time and energy as a Local SERES Ambassador?

The reason of investing my time and energy as a Local SERES Ambassador is the richness of discovering brute diamonds that can be perfected with dedication. The strenght, energy, ideas and freshness of kids and adolescents are enought motive to be part of this movement.


If you could change anything from our reality, what would you change and why?

If I could change anything it would be the attitude people has, because they opt to stay in a comfort zone, of indifference or sum up to the actions that are negative for this world, and that accelerates the loss of natural resources, and thus, our existence in this world.